Here are some new loadouts!

Assault Marksman (click for word version)

Primary Secondary
KWA m4a1 2GX 








  • NC STAR Panorama Electro Red Dot Sight
  • Intellect 9.6v 2000mAh NiMH Nunchuck Battery
  • UTG Deluxe Multi-Functional tactical rifle sling
  • UTG Airsoft Blister Pack Speedloader Complete With Pistol Magazine Adaptor
  • UTG Deluxe Multi-Functional tactical rifle sling
  • UHC Bestek Power Green Gas HFC-22 G-1000
  • Preference scope
equipment  Preference  Preference

The idea of this loadout is to use your primary for short to medium range combat When a target becomes too far out of range for your primary, switch to the Mk2. The KWA m4a1 2GX is the ideal primary weapon because it’s high rate of fire, 399 fps for highest range under 400fps field limit and accuracy. It is field ready out of the box and is truly “engineered to outperform.”

The KJW Mk2 is perfect for those who want to be able to pick people off from long ranges without having to be a dedicated sniper. The KJW features a compact design, around 500 fps (which is under the average fields fps limit for snipers, 550 fps), and is one of the lowest prices for a gas sniper.